Builder Programs

Johnson Lending has worked with home owners and builders for 10+ years. New construction is a very specialized knowledge and not just anyone can do it. Here are some of your product options:

5% Down Two Time Close Construction

Yes for as little as 5% down you can build a brand new home. The advantage of this product is we use the appraised value of the property to do the long-term loan.
So if your home appraises for more than you built it for, it is just like putting more money down on the mortgage loan.

100% VA One Time Close Construction 

 At Johnson Lending, we enjoy the opportunity to take care of our Veterans. This is a great product for VA Eligible Customers. No Down Payment.

USDA/Rural Housing Construction 

Zero Down Payment. This is a brand new 100% One Time Close Construction Loan that is available in Rural Housing approved areas. Saratoga Springs, Utah is our most popular location for this product.

FHA One Time Close Construction Loan 

This loan is available anywhere. The maximum loan amount is $300,150 in Salt Lake County and $270,050 in Utah County. 3.5% Down Payment.

A Construction Specialist at Johnson Lending will be happy to answer all of your questions, please, call us at 801-870-4069.